Another Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from June 18th 2016

Here’s another Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk! Just like last week, and a few weeks prior, I’m dipping back into my archives. This particular set is from June 18th 2016, and were taken in our Durham, NH yard (which happens to be right next to something like 700 acres of conservation woods, which is why we get so many cool visitors).

Hopefully soon I can get out and do a proper, new walk. Just waiting on a time that the weather and my body are cooperating at the same time. So, definitely before 2020…probably… 😉😊

I did use a couple of these shots for a Foto Friday post back then, but the rest of the eleven shots have only been seen by our landlady, since I always email her all my finished photos from around the property.

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wannder on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk challenge Riverside Park and Steem Basic Income Give away which features some awesome woodsy and sunny shots from the park on the West Side of Manhattan, NYC. His first shot is particularly magical, in my humble opinion. 😊

Now, on to my shots!


Great Crested Flycatcher (identified by another, blurry shot) coming in for a landing

Hawk flyby

Daylily, possibly a Stella D’oro

Rover Bellflowers

June 18th 2016
Raindrops on roses

Rainy Daisy

Rainy Spiderwort

June 18th 2016
Rainy Sundrops (also known as Narrowleaf Evening Primrose)

June 18th 2016
Rose Bloom

June 18th 2016
Pileated Woodpecker…

June 18th 2016
…looking for an afternoon snack.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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June 18th 2016 June 18th 2016

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