Another meander down my driveway for today’s #wednesdaywalk challenge

Happy Fourth of July!

On April 18th, 2018 I discovered a new Steemit challenge put forth by @tattoodjay called the Wednesday Walk Challenge. Be sure to check out his guidelines on his latest post (Wednesday Walk in Long Island City) and join in the fun!

Back then, I decided to start off by taking a simple walk down our driveway (okay, actually there’s nothing simple about our driveway – it’s so long, windy, and steep that we’ve had delivery people refuse to deliver!). A couple weeks afterwards, I did a different walk (took pictures of all the blooms around our yard). Then a month later, I did a follow-up post, to compare how much had changed (aka, turned green with the arrival of Spring), and I planned to do one during the last week of June as well. However, given that today is the Fourth of July… LOL!

So here is another meander, a bit longer than a month since my last. I’ve cut down the number of shots, since I’m sharing three (April, May, and today) for each location, and I don’t want to break the interwebz.

Spot 1


As I've done a few times before, here's another meander down my driveway for today's #wednesdaywalk challenge
April 18th 2018 – Standing just off the front porch, looking down the driveway.

Another meander down my driveway
May 23rd – so green!

July 4th – not quite as green, thanks to the ridiculous heat (90sF/30sC for the past 6 days)


Spot 2


April 18th – future flowers

May 23rd – The Daylilies and Black-eyed Susans haven’t blossomed yet, but I’m thinking soon…

July 4th – The Daylilies and Black-eyed Susans are in full bloom!


Spot 3


April 18th – Speaking of future growing things, somewhere in this area, a
Jack-in-the-pulpit should be popping up soon-ish

May 23rd – And here he is! This year, there are three little ones as well.

July 4th – now the Jack-in-the-pulpit has gone to seed.


Spot 4


April 18th – The view from the bottom of the driveway.

May 23rd

July 4th


Spot 5


April 18th – The sky over the house

May 23rd

July 4th

Happy walking!


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