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Seems like two seconds ago it was November 1st, and yet the second day of the month is fast coming to a close. However, I managed yet again to record one of my nugget sized podcasts earlier this afternoon (both #HiveBloPoMo and #NaPodPoMo), and already I feel like I’m getting the hang of this.

For those who missed my introductory post yesterday, the long and short of it is I’m doing a short daily podcast every day this month, and the broad topic is AMA (Ask Me Anything) About Hive (or other things). So essentially just a regular AMA, but with a focus on Hive topics, like (for example), what does it mean to power up, how do Hive communities work, is there a difference between traditional and blockchain blogging, etc. Things that people here on Hive as well as non Hivers might find helpful, that I feel somewhat qualified to answer. 😁

While this is part of a Hive initiative, I’m also posting these on here on my WordPress blog, in the hopes I can start a conversation with some of my longtime Web2 blogging friends about how awesome Web3 can be.

Show Notes

Here are some of the things I mentioned in the episode –

♦️ @killerwot (and apologies for most likely mispronouncing your handle…lol) is the person who asked the question I addressed in this episode. And to be fair, he didn’t say my last episode was staticky (which is why I paused a little after I said it, as I realized I was misremembering, but decided to just keep talking…lol), he said there was, “a bit of hiss.” Hopefully I’ve resolved that, as well as the low volume that @incublus noted.
♦️ The podcast app I used yesterday was PodBean
♦️ The voice recording app I used today is Easy Voice Recorder
♦️ The cheapy pair of headphones from yesterday are urBeats earbuds by Beats, which actually aren’t as cheapy as I thought, but I’m pretty sure my husband got them on sale, or clearance, or some such thing. However, they’re much better reviewed than I expected, which is probably why they’ve served me so well for many years.
♦️ The wireless headset I used today is the Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones (although I’m not completely sure that’s the exact model, but it looks the same to me).

That’s it for how I podcast for today!

So if you have a question, please drop it as a reply to any of my AMA posts this month (either here on Hive or on my aforementioned WP blog ), and thanks in advance for giving me fodder for my chatter!

Happy (hopefully better quality today) listening all!

EDITED TO ADD I just discovered my Podcast RSS Feed and figured I’d drop it here.

Oh, and here is my post on Hive


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