AAMA About Hive (or other things) Podcast Ep 8 – Why Not Hive?

Yes, for this AMA I’m “stealing” a question from today’s #HiveChat with @elmerlin & repurposing a bit for my question back to anyone listening – why not Hive? What keeps you from joining the blockchain & seeing what it has to offer? Inquiring minds… ๐Ÿ™‚

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Show Notes for Why Not Hive?

Here are some of the things I mention in the episode –

♦️ The tweet from today’s Hive Chat that I “stole” for tonight…lol

♦️ I didn’t mention it in the episode (mostly because I thought of it afterwards…lol) but this is an awesome little video from the official Hive YouTube – The World and Your Community is Waiting… It’s Time to Join Hive

♦️ And seriously, as I did mention in the episode, I totally get that I come across as a walking infomercial for Hive, but I wanted to clarify for the billionth time – I don’t get any kickbacks, or incentives, or anything else like that for bringing people onboard. I just love the space so much that I want to share it with everyone! Much like (as I’ve also said a billion times) when I first joined FB years and years ago, and I kept telling people they needed to join it too, so we could enjoy it all together.

/steps off soapbox


That’s it for today!

So if you have a question, please drop it as a reply to any of my AMA posts this month (either here on Hive or on my aforementioned WP blog), and thanks in advance for giving me fodder for my chatter!

Happy listening all!

Oh, and here is my post on Hive, and yesterday’s post on WordPress. I’m thinking about adding a list at the bottom of each post with links to all the previous episodes – thoughts?


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