A Wayback Warmerdays Wednesday Walk from June 18th 2017 – #SteemBloPoMo Day 3

With my newfound determination to post every day for #SteemBloPoMo, I decided that I would DEFINITELY go for a five minute walk around our yard this week, so I could have some new shots for today’s Wednesday Walk.

Naturally, my body was uncooperative…


Then I saw @tattoodjay‘s latest post (called Wednesday walk challenge and Steem Basic Income Give away) with some gorgeous New York beach captures, and it reminded me that I still have a bunch of Gloucester/Magnolia MA seaside snaps in my archive that I haven’t uploaded yet.

So here are some from what was technically a driving walk around the shoreline of my hometown. Driving (back when I was still the one behind the wheel) because the eldest and I took this little detour on our way to visit my mother. Since we were short on time, we did the drive-park-snap-drive-park-snap kind of thing. Though if I remember correctly, as a girl I used to be able to walk this stretch (just over half a mile) in about five minutes. 😊

Now, on to my shots!

First spot we pulled over on Shore Road, at the point that it turns left-ish. This is the view to my right looking at Magnolia beach…


…this is the view straight ahead….


…and this is looking to the left, at Kettle Cove Island.


Zoomed in on the beach a bit


Further along the road, there’s the remains of a salt water pool from the 1920s.


You can barely make out the rectangle shape, but it’s still there


Part of the stone work from the pool deck


Nothing says home like a random sailboat passing by


Zoomed out from the boat to show what I always called, “The Arneson’s house.” No clue if that’s actually how their name is spelled, and they haven’t lived there in decades, but I got to help my friend Marya babysit there a couple of times, and it’s been my house #goal every since.


Again, nothing says home like sea, sky, and potholes! 😂


Upside – no one has to worry about cars speeding on Shore Road!


Love all the shades of blue and green.


Not sure why I snapped this, but I figured it was a sign that it should be included… 😂


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