A picture of tonight’s almost full Snow Moon

Over the past couple of days, we’ve had rain, snow, sleet, rain, sleet, hail, freezing rain, and wind here in New Hampshire. We even lost power for about an hour (thought of you and your loadshedding woes that are ongoing, @fionasfavourites!). And even though the sun was out off and on today, there was a fair amount of ice still coating everything. I went outside for about ten minutes earlier this afternoon to take some pictures of how beautiful everything looked with the sun setting, then popped outside again for a moment about an hour ago (didn’t want to stay long with the temp being 22F/-5C and a “real feel” of 14F/-10!) when hubby mentioned he could see the almost (about eight hours before official) full Snow Moon rising behind the trees.

I ended up taking a ton of pictures in that short period of time, because the moon was reflecting off the trees in an even more spectacular fashion than the sun did! I plan to do a longer post in a few days with a bunch more shots, but wanted to share this one for now, because I think it came out pretty cool.

Also, the only thing I did to this shot was to reduce the size by twenty percent – no other filtering was needed. Oh, and as always, it was taken with my Nikon which was affixed to my tripod.

almost full Snow Moon February 2020
Full Moon rising behind ice covered trees, Feb 8, 2020

I’m also working on a post for the latest @yourtop3 contest before tomorrow’s deadline (which is mostly the reason I don’t have time to go through my other moon shots…lol)!

Happy Full Snow Moon, everyone!


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