A bunch of pictures from the first week of August

The weather for the past 7 days here in New Hampshire has been a mix of wicked hot (around 94F/34C) and wicked rainy. I honestly thought I might not have enough photos from this week to make a decent post, but I forgot about all the mushrooms I snapped – LOL!

As always, I used my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 and handy dandy tripod (Amazon affiliate links – thanks for the pennies if you click through…LOL). Here they are, in the order I snapped them. Hope you enjoy!

Early morning on the first – do you spy the moon still in the sky?

There it is, just above the trees on the right hand side of the previous shot.

She decided to play peekaboo in the clouds for a moment

This is the Waning Crescent, two days before the Third Quarter moon on the 4th

Last glimpse before she disappeared completely under the cloud cover

Next day, thanks to ALL the rain we’ve been getting, I started to notice a ton of mushrooms around the yard

This is a turkey tail mushroom

It’s pretty decent sized

This is it five days (and more rainstorms) later

Different mushrooms are springing up too

Not exactly sure of the variety of these, but they’re pretty magical looking

More turkey tail mushroom in another part of the yard

This one is pretty good sized too

Mr Chipmunk is watching me and Sandy (our dog) from his usual perch. I’m pretty sure there’s a nest nearby

I noticed this cool little bloom at the edge of the woods.

According to Google, this is a Bull Thistle (Cirsium vulgare).

Another bud ready to bloom

Two days after the Third Quarter, I spy the Waning Crescent moon in the noontime sky

A bit faint in the hazy sky

The Bull Thistle just one day later

Guess the blooms don’t last very long

Another spot in the yard, another mushroom. I didn’t notice the dragonfly on it until after I snapped!

To be fair, this little guy does an amazing job of blending in – this is where he landed a moment after I snapped

And even more turkey tail mushroom!

It looks wicked cool

A sunbow in the stormy sky

Took this snap of the sky last night, and one second later got a raindrop directly in my eye (behind my glasses). Needless to say, I called it a day!


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