A bunch of photos from the second half of July 2018

Since I’ve been feeling better, you’d think I’d be taking more pictures, right? Well, I actually have been, but I haven’t gotten any better at then resizing/cropping/exposure fixing them. As a result, I had two weeks of shots to go through for this post – about the only reason I ended up with twenty captures, and not twenty million, is because the weather hasn’t been particularly cooperative.

On the technical side of things, for those who are interested, I used my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 and handy dandy tripod (Amazon affiliate links – thanks for the pennies if you click through…LOL). I use the Auto Mode setting pretty much all the time, and typically bounce the exposure bias around between 0 and -2 step. Then I reduced and crop the shots, run them through PicMonkey if necessary to clean them up (can’t tell you how much bird poop I’ve deleted from my photos), then they’re ready for public viewing.

Given how much precipitation we’ve gotten in the past two days, and how much rain is in the forecast, I may end up doing “A bunch of photos from the WHOLE month of August” next…

Oh, and a belated, rabbit, rabbit!

photos from the second half of July 2018
Immature Cardinal checking out the yard

Love the geometry of these rocks

Speaking of rocks, I call this one Lion Rock

One of the many storms that rolled in over the month

The night before the first quarter moon

Cloudy rainy day daisy

Something startled this little guy!

One of my favorite spots in the woods

Love all the beautiful sparkles in the air (sounds much nicer than pollen, right?)

Late afternoon daylily

Night after the first quarter, at 8pm

Night after the first quarter, at 8:45pm

Another storm rolling in

The night before full

A bit overcast, but still managed a closeup

Bunch of dragonflies dancing in the late afternoon sky

This Thin-leaved Sunflower is a bright spot at the end of a cloudy day

This rain soaked purple clover almost looks frosty

Speaking of rain soaked…

Speaking of speaking of rain soaked… LOL!


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    1. Strangely enough, I don’t have a separate lens for my camera. The Nikon I have (a COOLPIX P610) has a built in 60x zoom, and I was disappointed when I first realized it. After I shot my first moon picture, I was much less so.

      This is it on Amazon, if you want to peek at the specs – https://amzn.to/2OglKFA

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